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Mystery Shopping

Monday, May 4, 2009 4 Post-It Notes

If you have been following the blog you may have signed up for some mystery shopping! It is a fun and unique way to make money. Quite a few people wonder what equipment does a secret shopper need? Although it depends on the shop it is good to have:

  • Voice Mail-So your scheduler can get in touch with you
  • Watch-You may have to time something
  • Computer access-So you can accept jobs, get emails, and submit reports
  • Digital Camera-You may need to take pictures

A very small amount of shops also need you to have either a video recorder or a voice recorder. Just remember to look over the shop thoroughly before accepting. Now on to the fun part! Here are more mystery shopping companies for you to sign up with!

4 Post-It Notes »

  • momgen said:  

    thank you very much for your visit and comments. TC

  • alicia27 said:  

    Thanks for the great info!! Mystery shopping can be a great supplemental income, as long as people stick with legitimate companies, like those you have profiled.

  • Pinching Abe said:  

    I know someone who is a mystery shopper and she highly recommends the voice recorder. So you need to time from when you are in line... hit the button and start recording. Voice cues and a little math will tell you how long it took. Plus, you blend in more... who wants to be pegged as a mystery shopper?

  • guettel78 said:  

    Thanks for the very helpful info! I've been curious about what Mystery Shopping is all about and how one might get involved, so this post is extremely useful. Thanks for sharing your experiences!