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Idol Rocks Ford Rolls Party!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 2 Post-It Notes

Well tonight was the night! We had our Idol Rocks Ford Rolls Sweepstakes. Our 2010 Ford Fusion showed up at 6:30 for us to test drive and it was SMOOTH! It has a ton of new features from Microsoft's Synch to Ambient Lighting just to name a few. Here's a picture of the new grille:

After our Ford Rep left we went inside to watch the first night of the American Idol Finale. Both Adam and Kris did great, but we all whipped out our cell phones and voted for Adam Lambert. As everyone was leaving I handed them each a Ford Backpack with some goodies in it. All in all it was a fun House Party. A BIG thank you to both Ford and American Idol for sponsering this and for House Party for giving me this great oppertnity. Do YOU want to host the next House Party? Sign up for FREE here: http://www.houseparty.com/join

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  • Jordan Rouden said:  


    Thanks again for being a host for the House Party. I wish more folks could have been there to see and drive the new Fusion. At least the word will get out about it here. Thanks for letting me bring it out to you. If anyone would like to see the Fusion in person or drive it, come on out and see me at Sloan Ford Lincoln-Mercury in Columbia. Thanks again!

    Jordan Rouden
    Ford Lover/ Sales Rep
    Sloan Ford Lincoln-Mercury