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FREE Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs for the first Million *Hurry*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 4 Post-It Notes

*HURRY* Kraft is giving away 1 Million Oscar Mayer Jumbo Beef Franks. You'll recieve the coupon in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

4 Post-It Notes »

  • sassy stephanie said:  

    Thanks for stopping by! LOVE your template!

    I snagged one of these cupies this AM! Yay!

  • Sunny Sweet Pea said:  

    Thanks for having a look at my blog! You're blog is really interesting!!!

  • Mindy said:  

    Thanks for the tip! The photo is making me hungry!

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  • ConnieFoggles said:  

    I love free! Just signed up for the coupon. Thanks for the info and for visiting my blog.

    Brain Foggles