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Websites to Earn Money OR Gift Cards

Sunday, April 5, 2009 1 Post-It Notes

Here are a few more GPT websites. Remember to NOT use your regular email address. A Gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account will be fine. That way you won't get all the junk mail that goes with it.

Reward TV is a fun site to earn gift cards. After watching your daily/nightly favorite tv shows just go online and take a fun quiz about the show. They also have surveys to complete as well.

I have been with Memolink for years. I don't shop through them, but click on the daily site, daily emails, and surveys. A little bit of a slow earner, but still good.

I've been with My Points since about 2000 and have earned MANY gift cards through them. I do half of my shopping through them and the many click throughs on emails. This is one of the best companies to deal with as far GPT websites go.

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  • Robin G said:  

    The only one of these I still do is MyPoints ..mainly due to it's affiliation w/ BuzzAgent