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Friday, April 24, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

Among the many things I do "daily" is enter sweepstakes. Now some consider this futile or a time waster, but I think not. After all how can you ever win if you don't enter? Now I haven't had the opportunity or a HUGE life changing win, but do know a few who have. I have personally won TONS of makeup. From name brands to brands I've never heard of. I've won perfume, coupons, a massage (weird to some I know), a pair of Nike's, a $500 gift certificate, Clothes that were a size 2 (had to sell of course, Kids toys, DVDS a plenty, some books, odd trinkets, and t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts. *whew* that's quite a lot when I write it all down!

Now how did I enter these contests/sweepstakes? 99.9% I enter online, but I never pass up those contests in malls etc. Local contests are the easiest to win because you don't have as many people in it. Look up your local news' website or your local radio stations. They usually list some contests/sweepstakes for their viewers and/or listeners. Also I have won a lot from magazine websites such as Allure or Lucky.

Now on to my FAVORITE way or entering sweepstakes. The website http://www.online-sweepstakes.com/ It is FREE and categorizes sweepstakes any way you can think of. From start date, end date, prize worth, prize category, how many times you can enter etc. I do have a premium subscription there to get access to the premium sweeps which are worth more, but I haven't won any extra from it.

The last thing I will say about sweepstakes is it helps to have roboform. With one click it automatically enters your name, dob, address, phone, sex, etc. So you can enter more sweeps in less time. I have a link over there in my advertising section--------> So good luck! If you win anything let me know and I'll post your good fortune! Remember you can't win if you never enter!

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