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Idol Rocks Ford Rolls Sweepstakes!

Thursday, April 30, 2009 5 Post-It Notes


Hey everyone!!!! I need your help! Remember that house party I got picked to host? Well I could possibly win a Ford Fusion! All I need is for you to vote for me. The more votes I have the better chance I have and the big plus....If I win YOU WIN TOO! So if you could please take a few minutes out of your day to vote for me I would definitely appreciate it. Here's the link!!! Thanks again and I will keep bringing you more ways to save and earn money here on the blog!

5 Post-It Notes »

  • Jodi said:  

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comment and the clicks. I am following you as well, maybe you could do the same. Thanks a million!



  • Shelly said:  

    I just gave you my vote. How cool would that be to win a new car. Good Luck!

  • kasandria said:  

    Thanks everyone!!!

  • PENSIVE MIND said:  

    Hello. Thanks for the kinds words. Can we exchange links? i also am following your blog. please be on my followers as well. :-) take care always!

  • Michele said:  

    I will vote for you, good luck!! Thank you for following me.