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Sunday, April 19, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

Since 2001 GPTBoycott has been on the GPT scene letting us know which GPT programs where good and which were scams. With the crop up of all these new sites sometimes it's easy to just sign up and forget to go over everything. That's where GPTBoycott comes in. As they say their aim "is to name the offending 'get-paid' companies, and to urge our visitors to stop using them. If you're tired of companies stealing your time and money, and if you want to know which sites to avoid, take a look around this site, and help us stamp out fraudulent behaviour online!"

Say there is a site I find interesting and may sign up for. but haven't heard much about them I just click on GPT and see if they have any information on them. Just remember to be smart and if you EVER have any questions about a GPT program or just anything feel free to email me or comment.

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