What can YOU give up?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 0 Post-It Notes

Many people are asking themselves this same question. With prices continuing to skyrocket even Oprah has had shows dedicated to this very subject. Here are some ideas and how I am coping.
  • Paper towels- This one has been everywhere and I stand behind it. We have not used paper towels in YEARS. It also saves trees.

  • Cable/Satellite- During hard times we cut this out for over a year. I did miss it, but still had the computer. We now have satellite again.

  • Gym Membership- Go to your local rec. center instead.

  • Books, Magazines, Certain Media- One word LIBRARY! Love it!

  • Clean with vinegar- There is a great website: http://www.vinegartips.com/cleaning/ I am using baby steps on this one.

Remember you don't have to cut out everything all at once. Use BABY STEPS and before long you will have cut out a lot! Keep checking back to see other ways to save!

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